Evaluating Blind Quotes

Comparing blind quotes is exceptionally challenging. Every good salesperson will tell you that their product is equal or better in quality than their competitor and their price is always better too. Likewise, if theirs is more expensive it’s justified because it’s of a higher quality.

So how do you know which is better value?

Firstly, blinds and shutters are products that are very much “you get what you pay for”.  If there are big gaps in pricing, it isn’t that one company is giving you a steal of a deal, you likely just aren’t comparing “apples to apples”.

Pretty much every brand has a quality range within their product lines, which can vary the price. Things like type of fabric, operating/lift system along with other features dictate what price level the blinds will be at.

Between brands, it becomes even more challenging but the same rules apply. You get what you pay for.

We often hear comments like “it’s just a blind. It looks good and it goes up and down” but the reality blinds are very technical and it’s typically the little things that make the difference and explain price. Unfortunately at the point of sale it’s often those things that aren’t discussed that make a difference over time. All blinds seem great at the moment they go up in your window but what about 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? It’s things like noisy lift and lower versus quiet operation, Advanced fabric design that diffuses light across a room to create a more comfortable and warm/cool environment or fabric designed to repel dust and dirt rather than attract dirt. Quality is really much more than just looking good and operating properly when it’s first installed in your window.

Regardless of the brand presented, if quotes are more than 5 to 10% different, then there is a strong likelihood that the two quotes are not comparing similar quality blinds. In fact, if the gap is 10 to 20% or more different, you may actually be paying a higher price for a lower quality product.

As a dealer we carrying Hunter Douglas blinds, along with Graber, which is manufactured by Springs Window Fashions as well Canadian-made Maxxmar.

Our staff are not sales people. They are trained and certified window treatment professionals. When they come to your home they are not trying to sell you the highest priced window treatment or even just something that looks good in the window but rather are focused on learning what it is you are trying to achieve today but to also bring you value to you home or commercial space

If you think our quote is high, please give us the chance to help you compare so that you can know with confidence that you are getting the product that ticks off all your boxes and gives you the best value today and for tomorrow. Blinds are an investment.

As a business owner my personal motto is we want to earn customers for life. We are a bricks and mortar shop for a reason. We have a history in the community, and by creating a location here it shows our commitment to you and the community that is not offered by “out of the car” sales people. You have the security and peace of mind in knowing we are here to serve you.

Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional value, and competitive pricing all the time. We pride ourselves on that. We won’t always be the lowest price but we will always be competitive. It’s heartbreaking to hear later…your quote was really high…we know that means unfortunately quotes weren’t apples to apples and that there is a good chance you overpaid for a lower quality product.

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