Are Room Darkening Shades the same as Blackout.

This is a confusing topic for many people and it has led many to end up with a blind or shade that is less that satisfactory.

Room darkening blinds and shades are often made up of fabrics that feature more layers.  The higher percentage of darkening, the more the layers.

Blackout shades on the other hand are typically made up of fabrics with many layers and that ultimately block out 100% of the light.

What is often forgotten is that even with the best blackout shades, light seepage can still occur.  In leaks in from the gap between the bottom rail and the window sill, on the sides of the shades. For most people, this isn’t enough like to be a problem but for shifter workers it can be devastating.

A simple solution is to combine your beautiful blackout shade with some complimentary drapery panels.

Most manufacturers and certainly the ones we carry – Hunter Douglas, Graber and Maxxmar – have a great selection of stylish blackout and room darkening fabrics available in most every blinds or shade type.  Blinds and shades also assist with temperature control in the room too so make sure to discuss this with your sales rep in combination with the room darkening and blackout options.

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